Pile gallery logo - an image pile with a lighthouse on the top image

Grouped animated galleries for WordPress. Create from posts or from images.

Pile Gallery allows you to create expandable grouped galleries from your categorized posts, categorized media items, or from any uploaded image.

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How To Use Pile Gallery

Modern Design

Pile Gallery uses CSS3 and Javascript to bring great visuals and a great user experience to your viewers

Easy To Use

Automatically builds galleries based on your categories or you can create piles and add images to them manually.

Use Them Anywhere

Add Pile Galleries anywhere using shortcodes with a bunch of customizable parameters.

Developer Friendly

Based on plugin boilerplate 3, it is object oriented and thoroughly coded for your developing pleasure.

100% Responsive

Built for small and large screens, your Pile Galleries will look great on 27” displays and mobile phones alike.

WordPress Standard

We code to the highest WordPress standard. Always clean, always updated and always compatible.

We Love Developers

We develop stuff ourself, we know how useful great resources can be. Why not build Pile Gallery into your themes? Why not install it for your clients? It’s super easy for you, easy to use for your users and it looks great.

We have a developer’s licence which allows you to use Pile Gallery in any and all projects you have. If you plan on using Pile Gallery more than 5 times it’s a steal!

Thanks For Dropping By

We absolutely love developing plugins and themes and we hope you find Pile Gallery to be useful. Wether you’re using the free version or the premium version we’d love to hear from you! Drop us a line if you have any issues, have any recommendations, or just want to say hi.